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Beijing RiverLand involved in the wood industry and panel board businesses for more than 30 years. We are focused on providing turnkey projects all over the world for MDF, PB, OSB, and so on.


We are the general agent of Italian IMAL+PAL Group in China for lots of years for the panel board industry as well as for bio mas energy industry.


Due to environmental protection developments in China are developing, we are more satisfied to use recycled wood technology in order to match Chinese customers and overseas customers’ demands.


Wood pellet businesses are also growing very fast in China due to air pollution problems, the bio mas are big resources here to convert to wood pellet, we developed a lot of complete solution to our customers according to different raw materials available and capacity.


The other field is city waste treatments to produce RDF, this industry has very potential market in China. We are already involved in several big projects in China.


We have more than 50 professional people for panel board businesses and we have so many loyal customers around China, we are increasing the number of our customers by providing them the best services possible.

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